Our service philosophy

Our history is long but our methods are modern and feature a cutting edge attitude. We look to the future and improve our services in order to answer the continuous challenges of international business.
Less splitting of hair and being smart, give stronger outcomes.
We focus on delivering concrete results.
We work on the implementation of the strategy while creating it.
We will help you to achieve sales success.
We work together with our effective and competent network agents, contacts and representatives.
We really take care of our clients.

That is how you'll always reach the best business result together with us.

Fintra Navigator consulting services

Fintra’s Navigator consultancy portfolio  consists of solutions for every stage of the internationalisation process. Behind every solution propose, there is long experience in creating growth in international markets.

In addition to our proposed solutions, we can tailor a suitable package just for your company’s needs and provide operating tools for your key personnel.