Your partner for growth in new markets

Fintra is a management consulting firm which specialises in international business.

Since 1919 Fintra has helped thousands of companies to grow in the international market. We are 100 % focused on developing international growth for our customers.

We offer tailor-made services for companies targeting Finland or global markets.

Given our long history of working with Finnish companies we are able to offer unrivalled connections to the Finnish market, whether you are looking for customers, distribution channels or investment opportunities. Our skilled professionals will study the market for you and connect you with the right opportunities.

International success of our clients is our raison d’être.


Make sustainable strategic decisions


Develop your competitiveness in the international marketplace


Accelerate your growth and find new customers and partners

Step towards growth

Are you thinking where your future growth is coming from, and how to raise it to the next level?

What segments are worth investing in? Which markets can bring you growth and new customers? Are you competitive with your current product portfolio or is it necessary to tailor your offer to the target markets?

Go to Market - Fast

Your product is ready and there is demand. We can show you how to effectively meet the growing international demand for your product.

You have an energetic and competent team, but many of you are facing the strong growth phase, perhaps for first time.

We can provide you with the experience and additional resources that you will need for your growth path.

The world is your playground

Your company is already internationally active, but there are still plenty of new or emerging markets to explore. You might need more targeted help to launch your product, or to develop new operations models.

Do all your distributors perform or is there a need to restructure your partner network?